Get to Know the Board

Get to Know the Board


Meet Michael Lissauer, Board Member, Family Man, Children’s Advocate

Michael Lissauer grew up on Long Island, spending most of his summers until the age of 22 at camp playing basketball, baseball, and as he got older, tennis, too. He is one of Boca West Children’s Foundation’s esteemed marketing gurus, a great supporter of educational and athletic opportunities for kids, and an active family man. It makes sense that someone as active and outgoing as Michael would move to Boca West Country Club, which he did in 2007.

In his career, Michael worked in marketing and strategic planning until he retired in 2007, after having sold his company to Warren Buffet. If there is one thing that stands out, aside from his marketing expertise and passion for helping others, it’s Michael’s adoration of family, especially his grandchildren.

It is only right then, to share some bragging rights for those special family members. Schyler, 10, loves sports, particularly basketball, but is also playing flag football this year. Drew, 8, also loves sports, and enjoys football and baseball the most. His youngest grandchild is Alex, 4. Alex is “just as wild as they come”. He and his lovely wife Sharman, who supports all of Michael’s efforts whole-heartedly, also have two beautiful, intelligent and caring daughters, Nikki and Courtney, and a wonderful son-in-law named Brian.

To get to know individuals a bit better, we often ask if they have a favorite quote. For Michael, he has many, mostly from John and Bobby Kennedy, but his favorite is his own, “Your dreams are limited only by your imagination.” He also tries to live by, “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

Michael has been involved with BWCF for many years and formally joined its board of directors about two years ago. He also serves on the board of directors at the Kelly Strul Emerging Scholars at Florida Atlantic University. Boca West Children’s Foundation, its granted organizations, and the community are fortunate to have Michael Lissauer. He is as caring as they come, generous with his time, talents, and treasury, and a pleasure to be around. For those reasons and many more, we are grateful that he chooses to make our mission his mission, and to help children in need have a better life.


About the Foundation

What initially drew you to Boca West Children’s Foundation? The opportunity to give back, particularly to assist at-risk kids.

What has been your favorite Boca West Children’s Foundation event or memory? I’m not in Florida enough to do the holiday shopping event so it would have to be the Walk in the Woods, the Carnival for the Kids, and Concert for the Children.

What makes Boca West Children’s Foundation special to you? Nothing is more important than helping children reach their goals and keeping them out of trouble.

What do you enjoy most about working with the various organizations? They care so much for the kids.

What is the single most important thing about BWCF in your eyes? We support kids in need in such a life-changing way.

Anything else you might like to share? The people on the board, and Jenn, are incredible, caring people with no personal agendas, just a desire to make the world a better place for deserving children.

If you could tell someone just one thing about Boca West Children’s Foundation, what would that be? When you see the smile on these kids’ faces nothing is more rewarding, you can’t buy happiness and joy.