Friend of the Foundation

Friend of the Foundation

Meet Neil Saffer, Actioneer Extraordinaire, Rotarian, Friend of Many

Neil Saffer has been involved with Boca West Children’s Foundation since 2013. He came to Boca Raton, like so many people, from New York. He lived in Rockland County, NY from age 4 to 17  then went off to the University of NY at Albany. He landed in South Florida in 1982.

To say Neil’s talents are many is an understatement. He has been a lumber salesman, owned an IT services company, owned several gyms, worked as a construction superintendent, a real estate broker, and has always been an entrepreneur. While being an auctioneer is more than a full-time commitment, he also keeps busy with business interests in wound care, natural products, and solutions, as well as real estate. Despite his many talents and successes, Neil is perhaps best known as a friend of so many local charitable organizations. He is a dedicated volunteer, a noble trait for a Rotarian. It is fitting then, that he was named the winner of Florence Fuller’s 2018 Outstanding Male Volunteer Award.

If you’ve met Neil, chances are you know his wonderful wife Trisha. She is at almost every charity event in town with a smile and a helping hand. Together, Trisha and Neil have 4 children, and at least 2 rescue dogs at any given time.

Let’s get to know Neil:

What other charitable organizations are you involved with? About 100 at any given time and I love each and every one.

Do you have a favorite quote? “Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.”- Mother Teresa



What initially drew you to Boca West Children’s Foundation? The fact that the members of this foundation could literally do anything they want in this world yet they choose to devote their time talent and treasure to the kids in our community. Across the board they are smart, passionate, creative, and philanthropic to the children in need and the organizations that serve them right in our own backyard.

What has been your favorite Boca West Children’s Foundation event or memory? Of course, I love all the auctions, but meeting and sharing the stage with Jay Leno at the Boca West Foundation gala was very special.

What makes Boca West Children’s Foundation special to you? Great organizations are born, grow, and evolve from a need, a dream, a vision and a great leader. All great organizations need great leadership. Arthur Adler is one in a million. He, along with Howard Boilen, Joel Macher, the Weinbergs, the Struhls, the Kuppermans, and many other supporters have become cherished friends, as well as role models.